Software Development

Tertiary educated staff ensure a solid grounding in software engineering principals and methodologies. As well as fluency in a variety of programming languages. We are able to utilise these skills to apply the most appropriate tools to solve a given problem. Our primary focus to date has been ASP.NET (C#), JAVA, C++ and PHP

Database Development

We have considerable experience in database development. With comprehensive database structure and design skills we are able to develop everything from XML data schemas to fully featured hierarchical/relational database applications that are both accurate in their design and efficient in their performance. Our database experience and integration skills are one of the most important assets in our business. It has allowed us to use database technology as a back-end for many of our client's solutions. In conjunction with our software development skills we have the ability to develop custom web based applications that utilise the data storage and management facilities provided by our chosen database management system.

In past projects we have used database technology in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software and most often for dynamic web site content generation.

Our modular design approach and focus on extensibility allows systems to be further enhanced with new applications that utilise the existing database backend.


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